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Fireplaces and Inserts

Historically fireplaces have been instrumental in keeping people warm. They look good, if done right - can provide comfortable heat and save on energy costs. There are traditional fireplaces and more modern, fireplace inserts. Your preferences and environment will dictate which is best for you. If you only have gas or wood as the energy source for your fireplace then getting a traditional fireplace would be in order. However, if you want to use either gas, wood, or pellets (or have a standalone unit) then a fireplace insert would be a better solution.

Contact Five Star Comfort, we will be happy to discuss your options, costs, answer your questions and help you get the most comfort from your fireplace.

Fireplace or Fireplace Insert?

  • Don't have a fireplace? - probably traditional fireplace would be a good start
  • Building a brand new house? - go with the conventional fireplace
  • Don't have a fireplace, but have a chimney? - here either approach would work, choose what would make most sense for you
  • Have an old wood-burning fireplace? - likely best option would be to get a fireplace insert
  • Have a gas fireplace? - go with the traditional fireplace
  • Short on budget? - the conventional fireplace would be less costly

Obviously each situation is different and requires careful evaluation of your needs, environment, budget and preferences. Contact Five Star Comfort and we'll be glad to come out, discuss all of your options, make appropriate recommendations and take care of it for you, should you so desire.

Fireplace Tips

  • Clean the interior
  • Install heat-proof glass doors
  • Install a blower or fan (if applicable)
  • Remove soot & creosote
  • Yearly inspection & maintenance of your fireplace is your best strategy to minimize repair costs and have continuous trouble-free fireplace operation.
  • For your peace of mind and comfort  contact Five Star Comfort