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Hot Water Heaters

Water heating is a heat transfer process that uses an energy source to heat water above its initial temperature. There are 5 types of water heaters, including Conventional Storage Tank, Tankless Water Heater, Heat Pump Water Heater, Solar-powered Water Heater and Condensing Water Heater. This article from Popular Mechanics explains how water heaters work. There's much to installation, repair and maintenance of water heaters, which is why your best bet is to deal with experienced professionals.

Contact Five Star Comfort and we will take care of your boiler or heat pump or any other type of water heater.

Common Water Heater Problems

  • Age.
  • Lack of hot water.
  • Discolored water (reddish).
  • Water temperature is wrong.
  • Leaking/pooling water.
  • Noisy hot water heater.

A number of these or similar problems may occur. The best thing to do is contact Five Star Comfort and we'll be happy to investigate and repair or replace your water heater.

What Should I Consider When Getting a Water Heater?

  • Size - your needs for hot water should dictate how big a unit you should get. 40-50 gallon water heater is typically enough.
  • Recovery rate - that's the rate that determines how much hot water you'll be able to get from your water heater in an hour of heating.
  • Unit size - some water heaters are pretty compact, but if you need a large capacity one - you need to be mindful of where it'll be located and you want to make sure you have enough to be able to install the water heater, connect it appropriately and enable easy access for maintenance.
  • Energy rating - different types of water heaters have different efficiency and performance ratings. Since you'll be running your water heater a lot - the more efficient it is - the less it'll cost you and by getting a more efficient water heater - you may be able to get additional savings in discounts from your energy provider and/or government.
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